Arm Development. For user who seeking their dream house.

Project Vision. Elevating ideas.

Ensured that the website design is clear and concise communication across the website to aid understanding and navigation for all users
Brand Identity
reflect the brand's personality and resonate with the audience
Our Services
Promoting transparency and managing customer expectations

Challenges. Meeting challenges.

Design process. Push the user centered design.

Learn user their problems, wants, needs. Empathize.
Empathy map
• Personas
User story
• User journey map
Define. most important problem to solve.
Problem statement
• Hypothesis statement
Ideate. Bring the potential solutions.
Competitor analysis
• Crazy eights
Produce an early model. Protype.
• Low fidelity
Hight fidelity

Secondary Research. information someone else has put together.

Meeting the diverse demands of individuals seeking to build their dream homes by offering personalized consultations and efficient project coordination.
Google Trends
Analyze and incorporate trending keywords and topics in the home construction industry, ensuring the website stays relevant and visible in search results
Gained insights into user needs, preferences, and pain points. Recognized a demand for trustworthy builders and the significance of clear communication

Empathy map. leanred about a type of user.

Meet The User. Connect and understand the perspectives of every user.

User story. Inspire and inform design decisions.

User story
A primary school teacher and a mother of one child want to build a house as quickly as possible to provide a comfortable living space for their family.
A young mechanic is determined to build his own house and is looking for a contractor to build a home in the future. He wants to plan and construct the house according to the budget he has set.

User journey Map. Series of experiences .

"I want to build a home that is comfortable and safe for my family as quickly as possible."
Search for information
1. Search for contractors online in the area.
2. Ask friends for recommendations on contractors they have worked with before.
3. Choose a contractor that meets your requirements.
Seeking advice
1. Contact to inquire about pricing and requirements.
2. Ask about past projects for assurance.
3. Inquire for additional details.
1. Compare the contractors you have inquired about.
2. Compare prices.
3. Compare past works or portfolios.
Select a contractor
1. Choose a contractor.
2. Sign a contract specifying the details of the home construction.
3. Have a final discussion about the desired house design.
Get ready
1. The contractor provides details for inspection of the construction.
2. Details are verified before actual construction begins.
3. Confirm the agreed-upon construction details.
"I am looking for a contractor who can build the home I want within the specified budget to make an informed decision."
Search for information
1. Search for contractors online in the area.
2. Read reviews that confirm the work of the contractors.
Contact for inquiries
1. Contact to inquire about details and budget requirements.
2. Specify any limitations or constraints.
Receiving recommendations
1. Recommend a contractor.
2. Discuss the possibilities.
3. Consider and listen to the possibilities and limitations.
Thank you for the advice
1. Specify the expected date and time for construction.
2. Thank you to the contractor for providing guidance.
1. Compare the list of contractors.
2. Choose a contractor expected to work in the future.

Problem Statement. The user's needs that should be adressed.

Nisa is an elementary school teacher in the district and has a young child. She wants to build a comfortable and safe home as quickly as possible. Since this will be her first house, she is looking for a contractor who can build the house according to the budget she has set.
Mawin, a young and energetic mechanic, is looking to find a contractor to build a house. He wants someone who can construct the house according to the planned design and budget. He is seeking a contractor he can trust for the project.

Value Proposition. Determine a value proposition.

Evaluate the ideas. Informed Decision-Making.

1. Ease of use
2. Flexibility
3. SEO optimization
4. Hosting and security Integration with other tools
5. Timeframe
6. Support and resources
1. user's specific needs and budget
2. clear communication
3. regular updates
4. user-friendly website
5. easily accessible
1. Attract more customers
2. More efficient communication
3. Time savings
4. Increased credibility
5. Opportunity for growth

Dimensions of Brand Personality. Informed Decisions through Narrow Focus.

Wireframe. Landscapes for a user-centric experience.

Colors. Palette of Possibilities.

Typography. The Aesthetics of Visual Communication.

Iconography. Harmonious Impact on Design.

Design. Transforming visions into captivating and user-centric designs.

Usability Testing. Evaluate a product's functionality.

Unmoderated usability testing using the Useberry tool, focusing on evaluating the user experience of the home page. Incorporated tasks related to filtering house plans, assessing the site's architecture, and understanding user behaviors and preferences
users get what they looking when visiting website
age 18 - 36
Key Perfomance indicators
Time on task
Drop - off rate
Conversion rate
System usability scale (SUS)

Development with webflow. design, build, and launch responsive website.

The power of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in a visual canvas
Build website interactions and animations visually
Set up lightning-fast managed hosting in just a few clicks

Next move. Opportunities for growth.


The redesign aimed to create a more intuitive and engaging platform for users seeking trustworthy building contractor.

Enhance Usability

Implemented enhancements to boost overall website usability, incorporating user feedback and findings from usability testing.


This involved refining user journeys, implementing SEO strategies, and enhancing digital marketing initiatives to ensure the platform effectively reaches and engages the target audience seeking homebuilding services.