Kraw Made. Authentic Thai Culinary.

Project Vision. Elevating ideas.

Challenges. Meeting challenges.

Design process. Push the user centered design.

Learn user their problems, wants, needs. Empathize.
Empathy map
• Personas
User story
• User journey map
Define. most important problem to solve.
Problem statement
• Hypothesis statement
Ideate. Bring the potential solutions.
Competitor analysis
• Crazy eights
Produce an early model. Protype.
• Low fidelity
Hight fidelity

Meet The User. Connect and understand the perspectives of every user.

User testing & Observation. Ensure a seamless interaction.

User's Expectation

Users expect that the process to order food should be easy and direct so they can complete the task within a brief time and also provide them with choices for ordering food when users have confidence in the process it shows they can use this as the main channel to order their food.

How they feel?

Users need an order process similar services and actions so that every step allows them to decide the next step that can be completed.

Information Architecture. Landscapes for a user-centric experience.

Wireframe. The first draft to guide the evolution of design.


When we build our wireframe we have to consider the Responsive Web Design and keep the voice and tone of the website consistent.
We decided to build a dedicated mobile web app and a responsive web app to provide the same experience between devices.

We are rapidly developing a lot of ideas to expand what we want to include on the website and get the elements that can
with users we started on a paper wireframe to show all ideas we have.

Challenges. Overcoming obstacles.

Specific Details
Users always want to see all the information and details on the same page so they can make a decision and we provide the details about the foods we show the sign to assist users such as  halal food ,No MSG because we are looking for equity so that everyone can feel  satisfied without biases.
Fresh and Ready to serve
To allow users to get a good experienceKraw madee wants to know if users choose to have food at the restaurant or take away.How is it important? Because Kraw madee always wants to polish every item on the menu to be fresh and tasty. The design allows users to choose and also get a good experience in ordering food with good quality.
In Kraw Madee We Trust
We want users to have a good experience and be able to order food in a faster way, we want to make users feel they can trust our services and have a good experience instead of making telephone calls or using a Line Application which can lead to mistakes and a bad experience.

Design. Transforming visions into captivating and user-centric designs.

Take away. Opportunities for growth.


The design and service could impact the user and change their behavior when they can see how it is useful and also how it has improved the design provides an efficient way to communicate with users.

What I learned

This project has shown me that I am willing to do this like a real project based on a Design system that can demonstrate the importance of the path from solid ground to action. I can see how difficult it can be to get insight from users and how it important is to know the users and I look forward to working with a team that can share ideas and look for the best solutions based on User-centered design.

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